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  • Recent Sales:
    Mental illness can strike anyone, at any age.  Learn about various organic and functional mental disorders as we discuss their causes and symptoms.  You'll learn where to seek help for a variety of mental health concerns.
    Understanding Mental Illness DVD
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    There are many literary terms and expressions that students of literature must know so that they can fully understand and discuss what they read.  An alphabetized presentation of the most essential of these will have students able to comprehend what is being talked about during any classroom discussion.  Become acquainted with essential literary terms that run the gamut from allegory to zeugma, and be prepared to get the most from what you read!
    Essential Literary Terms DVD
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    Jewish people have been the victims of discrimination for thousands of years, but during no period in history were they as victimized as they were during the Nazi Holocaust.  Learn about the historical struggle of the Jewish people.  Understand what motivated Hitler and discover how he rose to power.  Witness the ramifications of Hitler's 'New Order' of Aryan Predominance and learn about what happened on Kristallnacht.  See how Hitler put his plan to annihilate European Jews into motion, and learn about the raw horror that results from intolerance and from fear of diversity.
    Holocaust: A History DVD
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    Some bacteria cause deadly diseases, but without bacteria, life as we know it could not exist.  This video introduces the two kingdoms of bacteria, Archaebacteria and Eubacteria, and explains how various bacteria in each kingdom live and reproduce.  The viewer is offered graphic representations of bacterial structure, and is also given many microscopic glimpses into the bacterial world.  Conjugation and binary fission are addressed, as is Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin.  Learn what Gram staining tells you about bacteria, and discover the positive and negative aspects of bacteria in human society.
    What Are Bacteria? DVD
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