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  •     Here at Educational Video Network, we take your security very seriously. You will notice that for the duration of your visit the address of the Web site will begin with "https". This is known as SSL encryption, also commonly denoted as a padlock at the bottom right corner of some Web browsers. This means that 128-bit SSL encryption protects the information that you communicate to our Web site during its traversal of the Internet. However, the data will exist in an unencrypted form on the sending and receiving machines. These are the machines that blackhats generally attack to gather personal information. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to perform the following safety measures to decrease your risk when shopping at any site on the Internet.
  • Always make sure that the address of the Web site where you are entering sensitive information begins with "https". Any Web site that only has "http" performs no encryption of the data between the client and the server.
  • Never use standard email to transmit sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Unless you specifically configure your mail client to encrypt messages, email is a plain-text transmission, which can be read by anyone on your network segment. So, if you do send us order information via email, we would ask that you either call or fax the credit card numbers.
  • Always close your browser after entering sensitive information at a Web site. A well designed Web site will cause the cookie that a Web site uses to match your requests with your computer to be removed when your browser is closed. If you do not do this, the server may assume that the next person that uses that browser window is you. A poorly designed Web site will not clear cookie until it is manually deleted; therefore, we recommend that you delete your cookies regularly.
  • Always use the most current releases of browsers. Current releases almost always repair security flaws that were present in previous versions. Choose a browser that you can trust. Due to the numerous security exploits present in other popular browsers, we recommend Mozilla's FireFox.
    Get Firefox!
  • Pay close attention to the address of the Web site before entering sensitive information. Malignant Web sites are frequently identical to the authentic Web site with the addresses being only a character difference.
  • Find out the security practices of the company that you are dealing with. Find out if they store full credit card numbers and if these numbers are encrypted. Our company encrypts all sensitive data and stores it on machines that cannot be reached by computers outside of our network.

    Following these simple steps will decrease your chances of becoming a victim.

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