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    It is almost impossible to think about Christmas time without thinking about children.

Not only do children make up such a part of the season but we, as adults, carry those memories through life with us.

What better way than to pay tribute to the love that Christmas brings and shapes all of our lives than to take Christmas music and perform it in a way not heard before.

This CD pays tribute to the music woven into the season that ends the year. It is the season of reflection for many of the world's great religions and is universal in its message of harmony and love. It is a time of philosophy and of family.

Just as the soft whiff of scent will bring back a memory so too will a nostalgic melody.

Whether it be the haunting chant of Emanuel, the anxiety of a little boy's impatient hopes in 20 miles to Christmas or the humorous parody Riders on the Sleigh this CD makes us appreciate music from a new perspective.

Gary and Stewart Schofield have taken themes we know and love and taken them much further. In the reflection of a fathers love for his son in a society where father and son are so often estranged Love of Christmas also adds the other most important quality to Christmas; hope.
    Love of Christmas Audio CD
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    The holidays are a time for hope, joy, and reflection.  It is a time of worship for many of the world's religions and a time to appreciate what we have.  We could ask ourselves if we are also giving enough reverence to the planet we all share.  

This CD takes the listener on a journey through the aspects of hope and joy; from the love and dreams of Away into Summer to the tone poem of White Snow.
    The Snow is Melting for Christmas Audio CD
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