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   Understanding Self-Destructive Behavior DVD
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    Description: Growing up is not easy. Teens begin to feel more emotions and have experiences that may leave them feeling confused, angry, stressed out, guilty or depressed. Where most teens can handle the gamut of emotions they experience, some cannot and head down the path of self-destructive behavior. Find out what may lead someone to destroy them self, how he or she does it and ways you may be able to help.
    Price: $129.95
    Copyright: ©2004
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:28 minutes
    UPC:69394 0164835
    Learning Objectives: 1) Students will learn the definition of self-destructive behavior.
    2) Stress, anger guilt, low self-esteem, depression, jealousy and their effect on self-destructive behavior will be discussed.
    3) Students will learn about the different types of self-destructive behavior.

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    Gr 8-12 - "As the number of teens engaging in self-destructive behavior rises, it is vital to help those who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, or self-mutilation. The clear definitions, explanation of symptoms and what triggers them, and steps for coping with these difficulties make this video a good choice for high school health and science classes. Vignettes of teens coping with these problems are realistic, and some feature graphic depictions of self-mutilation. For students who struggle with these conditions, the realism will give them the feeling that someone understands behavior that, until now, they engaged in secretly. Some of the suggestions for dealing with self-destructive behavior seem a bit simplistic (exercising, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, brushing off rejection, befriending upbeat people, expressing feelings in a healthy way), but teens are also advised to speak to parents and counselors or to contact a hospital or support group. A list of Web sites and hotlines is provided at the end. This is a valuable resource for counselors or adults working with troubled students."
    Laurie J. Edwards, West Shore School District, New Cumberland, PA
    Reviewed in School Library Journal - August 2003
    Reproduced, with permission from School Library Journal
    Copyright By Cahners Business Information
    A Division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
    Special Features:
    Region Free

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