Category: Tobacco Abuse
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  • All Subjects > Substance Abuse > Tobacco Abuse
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    Everyday a teenager somewhere tries nicotine, whether it is to rebel, to fit in or to look 'cool.'  But this experimentation could have dire consequences.  Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs available.  Trying it, whatever the reasons, can lead to a lifetime of addiction.  Find out the dangers of nicotine. Also discover strategies to quit if you are already addicted.
    Nicotine Addiction: Tobacco Tantrums DVD
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    If you think that smokeless tobacco is harmless just because it isn't inhaled, think again.  This hard-hitting video shows graphic depictions of the terrible damage that is caused by a highly-addictive product.
    Smokeless Tobacco: Basic Facts DVD
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    A fresh, exciting look at a subject that teens need to hear about. This video is produced in a way that will hold the students' interest and teach them things they probably don't know.
    Teen Smoking: Smoke Now, Lung Cancer Later DVD
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    This program discusses influences that affect a teenager's decision to start using tobacco.  The addictive nature of nicotine, the health risks, and some of the contents of tobacco products are also examined.  Additionally, the legal ramifications for minors who use tobacco products are presented, and tips are offered to help the tobacco user to kick the habit.
    Teenage Tobacco Abuse DVD
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