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   Persuasive Speaking Made Easy DVD
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    Description: Learn how to deliver an effective persuasive speech. Many helpful tips are provided, and students can use these to hone their speech-making skills.
    Price: $59.95
    Copyright: ©2004
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:19 minutes
    UPC:69394 0177538
    Learning Objectives: 1) Students will learn how a persuasive speech differs from other types of speeches.
    2) Students will learn about the requisite components of a persuasive speech.
    3) Students will learn some strategies that will make their deliveries more effective.

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    "Speaking to an audience of their peers can be an intimidating experience for many teens. Even more difficult is motivatingor convincing others by persuasion. Persuasive Speaking Made Easy provides a brief look at this particular type of speech. Clearly distinguishable from the extemporaneous, demonstrative, and informative speech, persuasive speaking involves four components: identifying the problem, explaining why your issue is a problem, naming a direction that should be taken, and defining the kind of action that must be taken. Using a multicultural mix of teens in speech scenarios, an adult narrator describes "eight S's" of delivering a good speech as well as how to motivate, enunciate, use transitional words, dress properly, be cognitive of body language, and speak earnestly. This visual portrayal of what works and what not to do will be most helpful to students. The use of the same student to present both the ineffective and more successful delivery is key to the value of this video. All vocabulary and elements of the persuasive speech appear onscreen (against a sky background with ominous lightning flashing). The video presents too much information in a short time. Instructors using the video should prepare handouts for students ahead of time and use the video to reinforce the lesson."
    SOURCE: School Library Journal, November 2000 Issue
    AUTHOR: Vicki Reutter, Cazenovia High School, NY
    Reproduced, with permission from School Library Journal Copyright
    By Cahners Business Information
    A Division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
    Special Features:
    Region Free

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