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Study Guide Answers

1.     A person's level of physical fitness is determined by measuring what six basic components?
     cardiorespiratory endurance/ muscular endurance/ muscular strength/ flexibility/ agility/ body composition
2.     What is "cardiorespiratory endurance"?
     Cardiorespiratory endurance is the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, and to efficiently handle the removal of waste over sustained periods of time.
3.     What is "muscular endurance"?
     Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle to exert force repeatedly over a period of time.
4.     Repetition sets that are performed by weightlifters are a good example of _______________________ .
     muscular endurance
5.     What is "muscular strength"?
     Muscular strength is the act of struggling against a resistant object.
6.     Flexibility is exhibited by the ability to ___________________________________ .
     move joints
7.     What is "agility"?
     Agility is the ability to maintain control while quickly changing body position and direction.
8.     To what does "body composition" refer?
     Body composition refers to the ratio of lean mass to fat mass in the body.
9.     Your goal should be to eliminate all of your body fat. True or false?
     false/ The goal should be to not have too much body fat.
10.     What does a "body mass index chart" show?
     A body mass index chart shows a healthy range of weights for your height.
11.     What are two factors over which you have no control, but which play a role in what your body looks like?
     age and heredity
12.     _____________________exercise and __________________exercise are both important to a well-rounded exercise routine.
     aerobic/ anaerobic
13.     Physical activities that are carried out without intensive intake of oxygen are _________________ in nature.
14.     Physical activities that use oxygen to produce energy are __________________ in nature.
15.     Aerobic exercise must raise your ___________________ and keep it elevated for at least twenty minutes.
     heart rate
16.     Work out at _____________% to ___________________% of your maximum heart rate.
     50/ 75
17.     What is a person's maximum heart rate?
     220 - his or her age
18.     What four key principles are used to develop and maintain fitness?
     specificity, overload, regularity, progression
19.     From time to time, increase the ________________________, _______________________, or ________________________ of your exercise routine.
     intensity, frequency, duration
20.     If you feel pain while exercising, stop. True or false?
21.     What are "endorphins"?
     Endorphins are chemicals that are released by our bodies, and which make us feel good.
22.     What advantages are gained by working out on a regular basis?
     improved self-image/ more self-esteem/ reduced stress/ relief of tension/ improved team skills/ improved ability to cope with anger/ improved goal-setting ability
23.     What is the number-one killer in America?
     cardiovascular disease
24.     What effect does regular aerobic exercise have on cholesterol levels?
     It raises beneficial HDL levels and lowers harmful LDL levels.
25.     Why is proper nutrition important?
     The right foods provide important sources of energy for active bodies.
26.     After eating a meal, how long should you wait before engaging in strenuous physical activity?
     2 hours
27.     Why do some athletes use anabolic steroids?
     Anabolic steroids promote rapid muscle growth and increase speed and endurance.
28.     Alcohol inhibits your body's ability to raise its ________________________________.
     metabolic rate
29.     Why is it a good idea to find an exercise partner?
     Knowing that someone else is counting on you can motivate you to stick with your program.
30.     Any bodily exertion made for the sake of developing and maintaining physical wellness is ____________________ .
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