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Study Guide Answers

1.     What does the hemp plant produce that is useful to society?
     Hemp plants produce strong fibers that can be used to make such things as ropes, sailcloth, carpet threads, or paper.
2.     Why are hemp plants illegal in the United States?
     Marijuana is a product of the hemp plant.
3.     There are more than ______________ chemicals in marijuana.
4.     What is the most powerful of these chemicals?
5.     What has happened to the amount of THC present in street marijuana since 1970?
     The amount of THC has risen dramatically, making the marijuana much more potent.
6.     The psychological effects of marijuana can be affected by the user's _________________ and ___________________ states, as well as by the ___________________
     mental/ emotional/ setting
7.     Can past experiences with the drug influence a person's psychological reaction to marijuana?
8.     Marijuana does not alter sensory perceptions. True or false?
9.     When a person is under the influence of marijuana, _____________ and ________________ seem to expand.
     space/ time
10.     Marijuana interferes with _____________________ learning.
11.     Marijuana prevents the brain from forming new _____________________ .
12.     Name some common psychological effects brought on by moderate doses of marijuana.
     rapidly changing emotions, dulling of attention, intense thoughts and expressions, fragmented thoughts, flights of ideas, impaired immediate memory, disturbed associations, altered sense of self-identity
13.     What are some short-term physical effects of marijuana use? For how long do the short-term effects of marijuana generally last?
     rapid heartbeat, redness in the eyes/ Short-term effects last between three and five hours.
14.     What mental faculty is most affected by marijuana?
     short-term memory
15.     Is it safe to smoke marijuana and drive a car while under its influence?
16.     What does the use of marijuana impair, according to road and simulator tests?
     It impairs motor co÷rdination, reaction time, and visual perception.
17.     Tobacco cigarettes contain higher levels of cancer-causing hydrocarbons than marijuana cigarettes do. True or false?
18.     Marijuana can cause ___________________________ lung damage.
19.     Studies show that marijuana interferes with the body's _____________________________ system.
20.     Can marijuana use affect the reproductive system? If so, how?
     yes - Males may have reduced levels of testosterone and a low sperm count. Females may suffer damage to the ovaries that may cause ovulation and menstruation to cease.
21.     Most people who try marijuana do so between the ages of ___________ and ________________ .
     12/ 18
22.     Marijuana has been illegal in the United States since what year?
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