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Study Guide Questions

1.     French monarchs lived at Versailles during the ________________ and _______________ Centuries.
2.     Being king was considered a(n) ________________________________________.
3.     The palace has been refurbished, nearly to its original state. True or false?
4.     The French aristocracy was initially pleased with the decision of Louis XIV to move the Royal Court to Versailles. True or false?
5.     The father of Louis XIV had kept a(n) ____________________________________ at Versailles.
6.     Describe the childhood existence of Louis XIV.
7.     Louis began to rule France after his _________________________________ birthday.
8.     Louis was jealous and greatly upset to find his finance minister living in sumptuous quarters when he visited at ____________-_____________________________________.
9.     Who designed the landscapes at Versailles?
10.     Work began at Versailles in ________________________________________ .
11.     Louis supervised the work for the next _____________________ years.
12.     More than ______________________________ workers labored to build Versailles.
13.     Many of the workers died of what disease?
14.     When did Louis XIV and his court move into Versailles?
15.     ________________________ lords and ladies, __________________servants, and ________________ soldiers lived at the palace.
16.     Why did ladies' hairstyles often serve as a source of humor?
17.     The great __________________________of France frivolously frittered their money away at Versailles.
18.     Court _________________________________________ was a ridiculous art.
19.     As the King's food passed in the hallway, people were required to ____________________________ .
20.     Versailles was the only place in France where people could advance, ___________________ or ___________________________ .
21.     The King's day was full of ceremony. True or false?
22.     Ceremonies of ________________________ and ___________________ were held at 8:00a.m. and at midnight.
23.     Versailles became a symbol of _______________ ____________________ .
24.     Name some of the costly materials used in the building of Versailles.
25.     How often did Louis XIV attend mass?
26.     What did Louis XIV do from 1:00p.m. until 2:00p.m. every day?
27.     What did Louis do at 2:00p.m.?
28.     Louis took _______________________________________ lessons for twenty years.
29.     What was the personal symbol of Louis XIV?
30.     Why did Louis XIV build le Grand Trianon?
31.     Flowers in the gardens were replaced as often as _________________times per ____________________.
32.     Statues of _________________________ figures grace the gardens.
33.     Did the fountains run continuously during the time of Louis XIV?
34.     Inside the palace, there was a serious lack of ___________________ and ___________________ facilities.
35.     What type of activity was popular among the young men of the Court?
36.     Louis XIV was the King of France for ______________________________ years.
37.     Louis XV was a frugal king. True or false?
38.     Le Petit Trianon was a retreat for ________________________ and his ___________________ .
39.     Louis XV was well educated. True or false?
40.     Louis XVI was married to ______________________________________________________.
41.     The cluster of thatched farmhouses on the grounds is known as the "___________________________."
42.     What event brought about the end of royal life at Versailles?
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