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Study Guide Answers

1.     Impressionists used ________________________ patches of ____________________, _____________________ brushstrokes, and ______________________________ canvases.
     bright/ color/ short/ textured
2.     Impressionists focused on depicting a(n) ________________________ source.
3.     Whose painting inspired someone to labeled the new style "Impressionist"?
     Monet's painting
4.     What was the name of the painting referred to in #3 (above)?
     Impression, soleil levant
5.     Who coined the term, "Impressionist"?
     a critical journalist
6.     Originally, the term, "Impressionist" had a negative connotation. True or false?
7.     Where did most 19th Century artists learn how to paint?
     at academies
8.     The Neo-Classical painters wanted to emulate the work of whom?
     the ancient Greeks and Romans
9.     What were typical subjects for Neo-Classical painters?
     notable historical events, biblical stories, allegories, portraits
10.     What were the main concerns of the Neo-Classical artists?
     perfection of the human form and attention to detail
11.     What were the annual exhibitions that were sponsored by the established art world called?
12.     Why did the Impressionist painters decide to band together?
     They were denied permission to display their work in the "salons."
13.     Where did they begin to meet?
     in the cafés of Montmartre
14.     The fledgling Impressionist movement was met with ____________________________.
15.     Where did Impressionists go to paint, and how was this a departure from what artists had traditionally done?
     They took their easels outside. Prior to this, painting had been an indoor activity.
16.     Why did Monet paint the same subjects repeatedly?
     to capture them at different times of day and in different seasons
17.     What color did most Impressionists avoid using?
18.     What new technology appeared at the same time as Impressionism?
19.     Impressionists always used smooth brushstrokes. True or false?
20.     Outlines, in Impressionist art, tended to be [defined/ undefined].
21.     Who was the "Father of Impressionism"?
     Claude Monet
22.     What French expression is used when we refer to painting done outside?
     plein air
23.     Where did Monet have a home with magnificent gardens?
     Giverny, France
24.     Name two paintings by the artist, Manet, that scandalized the public.
     Déjeuner sur l'Herbe/ Olympia
25.     What method of handling pigment was used by Manet?
     peinture claire
26.     Renoir introduced the "_____________________________ palette."
27.     Pissarro painted with touches of _________________________________________. He softened and brightened forms without _________________________________ them.
     broken color/ dissolving
28.     Which artist created many paintings of race horses and ballet dancers?
29.     Who was the first woman artist to join the Impressionists?
30.     During his "_____________________________" phase, Cézanne used parallel, __________________________ brushstrokes.
     constructive/ hatched
31.     Who was the American who joined the French Impressionists?
     Mary Cassatt
32.     Which artist created dance hall posters?
33.     Which artist often squeezed paint directly onto canvases?
     Van Gogh
34.     Which artist moved to Tahiti to paint?
35.     Who often used pointillism to create paintings?
36.     Who was the last great French Impressionist?
37.     What art movements followed Impressionism?
     Neo-Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Abstract Art
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