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Study Guide Answers

1.     What is the subway system of Paris called?
     le métro
2.     When was the subway system of Paris created?
     in 1900
3.     Of what is the Eiffel Tower constructed?
     of 336 meters of trellised steel
4.     When was the Eiffel Tower built, and for what reason?
     The Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exposition of 1889.
5.     Who commissioned the building of the Arc de Triomphe?
     Napoleon Bonaparte
6.     What does the Arc de Triomphe commemorate?
     the glories of the French military
7.     Where is France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located?
     at the Arc de Triomphe
8.     What is sometimes called "the most beautiful avenue in the world"?
     Les Champs-Élysées
9.     On what island is the Conciergerie located?
     on the Île de la Cité
10.     What was the first palace of the kings of France?
     the Conciergerie
11.     Why was les Invalides built?
     as a facility to care for wounded soldiers
12.     Where do the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte lie?
     under the dome of les Invalides
13.     What is the river that divides Paris in half?
     the Seine
14.     Paris is divided into the _______________ Bank and the _______________ Bank.
     Left/ Right
15.     The sightseeing boats of Paris are called what?
     leas bateaux mouches
16.     What bridge was inaugurated during the World Exposition of 1900?
     le Pont Alexandre III
17.     How many museums are in Paris?
     nearly 100
18.     The Louvre has been a museum since what year?
     since 1793
19.     What is the Louvre's most famous painting?
     Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
20.     An architect of what nationality designed the glass pyramids at the Louvre?
     an American architect - I.M. Pei
21.     Where are many of Rodin's most famous works of art found?
     in the garden of his museum
22.     When did the Picasso Museum open?
     in 1985
23.     Why is the Centre Georges Pompidou a controversial building?
     It has brightly colored pipes on its exterior and it contrasts sharply with the more traditional buildings in the neighborhood.
24.     Before the Musée d'Orsay was a museum, what was it?
     a train station
25.     Why are many buildings in Paris dedicated to government?
     Paris is the capital of France.
26.     What is the name of Paris's cathedral?
     Notre-Dame de Paris
27.     What function do gargoyles serve?
     They are waterspouts.
28.     Where can you see the graves of many famous people?
     at the Père Lachaise Cemetery
29.     What kind of vendor sells old books, posters, and post cards from a green stall along the Seine?
     a bouquiniste
30.     Paris's modern business district is called what?
     La Défense
31.     On what square was the guillotine erected during the French Revolution?
     on the present Place de la Concorde
32.     What well-known park near the University of Paris is popular with students?
     le Jardin du Luxembourg
33.     The Zoo de Vincennes is known by what other name?
     le Zoo de Paris
34.     Restaurant menus are always posted outside restaurants in France. True or false?
35.     What is the name of Paris's old opera house?
     l'Opéra Garnier
36.     What is the Géode?
     a metallic sphere that houses an Omnimax theater
37.     What magnificent palace built by Louis XIV is just southwest of Paris?
38.     What place near Paris focuses on horses?
39.     What world-famous amusement park lies east of Paris?
40.     What French comic strip character has a theme park?
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