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Study Guide Questions

1.     Maine is called the "_________________ _____________________" State.
2.     New Hampshire has the shortest ____________________ of any state in the United States
3.     Where is the first presidential primary election held every four years?
4.     What is the capital of Vermont? a.) Annapolis b.) Concord c.) Montpelier d.) Raleigh
5.     In what state did the Pilgrims first land?
6.     What is the capital of Massachusetts?
7.     What is the capital of Connecticut?
8.     Rhode Island is an island. True or false?
9.     _______________________ is the capital of New York.
10.     Who founded Pennsylvania?
11.     What lies to the east of New Jersey?
12.     What is the official sport of Maryland?
13.     Which state was the first to sign the Constitution and the first to call itself a state?
14.     What is the capital of West Virginia?
15.     Only recently have the citizens of Washington, D.C. been given the right to vote. True or false?
16.     ___________________ is also known as "Old Dominion."
17.     The final battle in the _______________ ________________ was fought in Texas.
18.     For whom was North Carolina named?
19.     In 1836, Texas declared itself an independent ______________________________.
20.     In what state did the first plane take flight?
21.     Oklahoma came from the Choctaw Indian word meaning "_____________ ___________________".
22.     ________________ _____________________ is where the Civil War began
23.     There were ____________ other capitals of Tennessee before Nashville was so designated.
24.     ________________________ was the first state to allow 18-year-olds the right to vote.
25.     ___________________________ comes from the Indian word meaning "downstream people".
26.     Florida is the only state that is entirely in a(n) ___________________________ climate zone.
27.     The dominant culture in Louisiana is______________________________________.
28.     St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S., is located in __________________________.
29.     Jackson is the capital of __________________________________.
30.     Alabama was originally a __________________________________ possession.
31.     ______________________ comes from an Indian word meaning " something great."
32.     The first female mayor was elected in 1887 in this state.
33.     Fort Knox, Kentucky is where almost all of the U.S. Government's __________________ is kept.
34.     Nebraska is comprised of mostly ___________________ and __________________________.
35.     Kentucky is the largest _____________________________ producer in the nation.
36.     In what state is Mount Rushmore located?
37.     Lansing is the capital of _______________________________.
38.     In what state is the exact center of North America located?
39.     Wisconsin is the biggest _________________________________ producer in the nation.
40.     "Dakota" comes from a Sioux Indian word meaning "_________________ or "_________________."
41.     Indiana is the home to the most famous _______________________________ races.
42.     The western part of Minnesota was acquired from France as part of the _______________________.
43.     The Sears Tower, the largest skyscraper in the world, is located in the state of ____________________.
44.     Des Moines is the capital of ________________________________.
45.     Like Tennessee, Missouri is bordered by ______________________________ other states.
46.     The Missouri River begins in the state of _____________________.
47.     How many islands make up the Hawaiian chain?
48.     The Battle of _________ __________ __________, or "Custer's Last Stand," was fought in Montana.
49.     Our largest state, _________________ was purchased from __________________ in 1867.
50.     Yellowstone Park, the first national park in the U.S., is located in _____________________.
51.     Mount Saint Helens is located in this state.
52.     What state was the first to allow women the right to vote?
53.     Idaho is famous for their __________________________ crops.
54.     The Great Sand Dune Monument is located in ________________________________.
55.     Salem is the capital of _______________________________________.
56.     New Mexico has a strong ___________________________________ heritage.
57.     The earliest settlers in California were __________________________________.
58.     Eighty-five percent of Nevada's population lives in the __________________________ and ______________ ___________________________ areas.
59.     After ___________________ was added to the U.S., no other states were added for 47 years.
60.     _______________________ was the site of the completion of the Trans-Continental Railroad.
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