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Study Guide Answers

1.     Electricity is a form of _____________________________________.
2.     When does nature produce electrical energy?
     during thunderstorms
3.     What does electricity always do as it travels?
     It seeks the shortest path to the ground.
4.     What are two good conductors of electricity?
     metal and water
5.     What is a "conductor"?
     a substance that offers little resistance to the flow of an electrical current
6.     What is an "insulator"?
     a substance that suppresses the flow of electricity
7.     Name four insulators.
     porcelain, rubber, pottery, dry wood
8.     Our bodies are _______________% water.
9.     About how many Americans are electrocuted every year?
10.     You can continue to use an electrical appliance that has a frayed cord until you either see sparks or smell smoke. True or false?
11.     What can happen if a circuit is overloaded?
     A fire can be triggered.
12.     Run extension cords underneath carpeting to avoid tripping on them. True or false?
13.     Electricity and water can be a(n) __________________________ combination.
14.     Why should you never stick a metal utensil into a toaster?
     You could electrocute yourself.
15.     What should you not do when unplugging an appliance?
     Do not pull on the cord.
16.     Appliances that are not in use should be ___________________________.
17.     It is all right to remove one prong from a three-pronged plug. True or false?
18.     For what do the letters "GFCI" stand
     ground fault circuit interrupter
19.     A GFCI and a surge protector are essentially the same thing. True or false?
20.     If a power line is down, what should you avoid doing?
     Avoid the power line, as well as anything that the power line is touching.
21.     Outdoor electrical outlets should have ________________________________________.
     weatherproof covers
22.     What should you do if a power tool falls into water?
     Unplug it before touching it.
23.     Before digging in your yard, ___________________________________________________.
     know where underground electrical lines are located
24.     When working in a shop, what should you do before using any power tool?
      Check cords and connectors for wear.
25.     When using an electrical saw, keep the cord ___________________________________________.
     behind you
26.     Before plugging in a tool, make sure that it's switched "on." True or false?
27.     Never carry a tool _______________________________________________________.
     by its cord
28.     What should you do if electrical equipment catches fire?
     Unplug it or cut off power at the main switch.
29.     What should you never throw on an electrical fire?
30.     What should you do if a power line falls on your vehicle?
     Stay in the vehicle and wait for rescuers. If you must get out because of fire, jump, and do not touch the ground and the vehicle simultaneously.
31.     Why should you never run from a live wire?
     The electricity fans out and running feet bridge the current from higher to lower voltage.
32.     Avoid _________________________ someone who is in the process of receiving an electrical shock.
© Educational Video Network, Inc. 2005 - www.evndirect.com
Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.