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Study Guide Answers

1.     How is the air pressure in tires measured? What are the units called in which it is measured?
     It's measured by putting an air pressure gauge on top of the valve stem and pressing. It's measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch
2.     Which part(s) of the wiper blade is (are) replaceable?
     Both the rubber blade refill and the entire wiper arm are replaceable.
3.     What liquid should be put in the cooling system? Where do you put it?
     antifreeze; in the cooling tank and radiator, if needed
4.     What visual sign tells you that it is time to change the oil?
     It is time to change the oil when it looks dark and dirty.
5.     The _______________ ___________________ fluid tank can be filled completely.
     windshield washer
6.     Make sure the ______________ cylinder for the clutch is full.
7.     What fluid is in the master cylinder?
     brake fluid
8.     Should you check the automatic transmission fluid when the car is warm or when it is cold?
     when it is warm
9.     For what problem should you check the serpentine belt?
10.     How should the molded hose feel when you squeeze it?
     pliable, not exceptionally hard or soft
11.     What color should the air filter be? How do you know when it needs to be changed?
     white; when it looks dirty
12.     _____________ ____________ hold the air filter in its compartment.
     Wing nuts
13.     How does a dirty air filter affect your gas mileage?
     A dirty air filter will give you fewer miles to the gallon.
14.     The ________________ element is located in the same compartment as the air filter.
15.     How do you know when it is time to replace #4?
     when it is dirty
16.     List the lights on a car that should be checked.
     headlights, brake lights, turning signals, reverse lights, and any other lights found on the exterior of the car
17.     When replacing light bulbs, what else should you do?
     Make sure connections are clean.
18.     How do you remove the serpentine belt?
     Lessen tension on the pulleys and slide the belt off.
19.     When replacing the serpentine belt, which side should go against the pulley?
     The grooved side should go down.
20.     When checking spark plugs, how do you avoid getting the wires mixed up?
     pull one plug at a time
21.     You check the spark plugs for signs of what kinds of conditions?
     rust and wear
22.     What is located inside the distributor cap?
     the rotor
23.     What should you check for inside the distributor cap, after its contents are removed?
24.     What sound should you listen for when checking the PCV valve?
     a rattle
25.     What does the PCV valve do?
     ventilates crank case into air breather
26.     Should you run the engine before changing the oil or should the engine be cold?
     You should run the engine.
27.     Where is the oil plug that must be removed to drain the oil?
     on the belly of the car
28.     List the three steps of changing the oil filter.
     Remove the old filter, put a little oil on the gasket of the new filter, and put the new filter on, tightening it with an oil filter wrench.
29.     How do you know if you have put enough oil in the engine?
     after the oil change, check the dipstick for the proper oil level
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