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Study Guide Answers

1.     In what year was a car first available for sale to the public? Where was this car built?
     1885/ in Mannheim, Germany
2.     What is the world's most-watched spectator sport?
     auto racing
3.     What moves vehicles along as they're being constructed?
4.     What is used extensively in most assembly plants?
5.     Areas where robots are used are generally off-limits to human beings for what reason?
     Robots are used in very dangerous environments.
6.     What shuts work down automatically in areas where robots work?
     light cell sensors
7.     How are vehicle parts inventoried?
     by individual part type and by supplier name
8.     What was the purpose of the original dashboard?
     In the horse-and-buggy days, a board stopped stones sent flying by horses and prevented the driver from being injured.
9.     How do assembly plants keep track of the information about a particular car?
     The information is kept on a "bingo sheet."
10.     Who holds onto the "bingo sheet" during the assembly process?
     No one does. It travels with the car.
11.     Parts are brought from the receiving dock at what point of the assembly process?
     They're brought as they're needed at a particular stage of assembly.
12.     A single missing part can have what result?
     It can shut down an assembly line.
13.     Very few parts are stockpiled in the plant. True or false?
14.     The proper organization of parts is critical to what? It helps to do what two things?
     It's critical to the process of building cars and trucks./ It helps to keep quality up and cost down.
15.     An assembly plant has how many main sections? What are they?
     three/ stamping and painting; assembly; glass, trim, quality inspection, and final testing
16.     What is the first step in assembling a car or a truck? What is this process called? Why?
     cutting the sheet metal into the proper shapes to make the body of the vehicle/ white-stamping/ In the past, when the metal was cut and formed, the pieces would look white.
17.     How are the body part pieces cut in modern times?
     Computer-controlled metal stamping machines cut out the various shapes.
18.     What happens once body parts are correctly positioned?
     Automatic robotic welding machines spot-weld the body parts together.
19.     What happens prior to painting?
     The frame is inspected for possible damage.
20.     What is the first paint to be put on the frame?
     a primer
21.     The paint shop can paint up to how many different colors?
22.     Today, the painting process is ____________________________-controlled.
23.     The paint is ________________________-based.
24.     What is applied after the paint has dried?
     a clear, protective, sealant coat
25.     A car's doors are painted along with the main body. True or false?
26.     What makes up a vehicle's "underbody"?
     the floor, the rails, and the engine compartment
27.     What checks for body integrity and the correctness of dimension?
     optical and laser scanners
28.     When the engine is placed into the body shell, what has taken place?
     a "wedding"
29.     When are the tires installed?
     after the wedding has taken place
30.     When do the seats arrive at the assembly plant?
     one hour before they're installed
31.     How are the windshield and other glass components installed?
     by robot
32.     What did drivers do before the invention of windshield wipers?
     They smeared raw potatoes or apples on the windshields to make rainwater run off them.
33.     After the bingo sheet is checked, the finished car is ___________________________.
34.     During what decade were drivers' licenses first required?
     the 1930s
35.     Every vehicle is tested on a track. True or false?
36.     What kind of technology has revolutionized the automobile industry?
     computer technology
37.     What is the average monthly electric bill for an automotive plant?
38.     Robot operators have had more than how many hours of training?
     10,000 hours
39.     Vehicles are being built that use alternative __________________________________.
     energy sources
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