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Study Guide Answers

1.     With what country did the United States have a dispute,concerning rights to the Pacific Northwest region?
     Great Britain
2.     What was the name of the 19th Century belief that the United States had an unquestionable right to span the continent?
     Manifest Destiny
3.     Who discovered the mouth of the Colorado River?
     Captain Robert Grey
4.     Who explored the newly-acquired Louisiana Territory and beyond? When?
     Merriwether Lewis and William Clark, 1803
5.     What river did #4's expedition follow?
     Missouri River
6.     In 1843, nearly 1,000 men, women, and children from Independence, Missouri followed the Oregon Trial. What was this called?
     Great Migration
7.     What was annexed by the United States after #6 occurred?
     Oregon Country
8.     Where were gold seekers who left the Oregon Trail headed?
9.     Why were those who died during the journey buried in the trail and why were their graves rolled over by wagons?
     so wild animals could not desecrate them
10.     Name some of the causes of death during the journey.
     diseases, accidents
11.     What valley was the end of the journey for most Mormons?
     Valley of the Great Salt Lake
12.     Who built a toll bridge at a major crossing on the Red Vermillion River?
     Louis Vieux
13.     What game was most plentiful along the Platte during the early days of the migrations?
14.     The Indians were very hostile towards those migrating along the Oregon Trail. True or false?
15.     What were Courthouse Rock and Jail Rock?
     rock formations along the North Platte
16.     By the time that the travelers of the Oregon Trail reached Scott's Bluff, what future states had they already crossed?
     Kansas and Nebraska
17.     Where did mountain men and pioneers pause to carve their names in stone?
     Register Cliff
18.     What did #2 serve as?
     a pioneer bulletin board
19.     What was the first significant landmark on the trail along the Sweetwater?
     Independence Rock
20.     What is the reason behind the name of #4?
     many emigrant parties camped near it on July 4th
21.     What welcome spot allowed the travelers to enjoy the luxury of ice water?
     Ice Slough
22.     What is "the Backbone of the North American Continent," according to Edwin Bryant?
     Continental Divide
23.     What fort was important as a center for the fur trade and was visited by missionaries who sought to convert the Indians to Christianity?
     Fort Hall
24.     What were the huge black boulders that flanked the trail called?
     Massacre Rocks
25.     What plateau is home to the yellow-flowered rabbit bush and the pungent big sage brush?
     Snake River
26.     What two people established a mission where travelers could repair their equipment and obtain supplies and medical assistance?
     Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
27.     Why did #11 establish their mission?
     in order to introduce Christianity and agriculture to the Cayuse Indians
28.     Why did Indians kill #11?
     a measles epidemic decimated the natives
29.     What marked the final obstacle in the long journey?
     The Cascades of the Columbia
30.     Name the valley of the "Promised Land."
     Willamette Valley
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