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Study Guide Questions

1.     The Basque Region is located in what two European countries?
2.     Which mountain chain serves as a boundary between these two countries?
3.     How many Basque provinces are there?
4.     What does "Zazpiak Bat" mean?
5.     What do the Basque people call themselves?
6.     To how many other languages is the Basque language related?
7.     Basques have a high frequency of blood group ______.
8.     Basque men have always been expected to marry a woman from a different Basque village. True or false?
9.     What does the oft-seen prefix "etche" mean?
10.     When the parents of a farmstead family die, how many heirs generally inherit the farm?
11.     When one sees whole flocks of sheep and herds of cows being led through the region's streets in spring, it is because they are being moved to _____________________ pastures.
12.     The Basque beret symbolized a defender of the ___________ and a ______________ of Don Carlos.
13.     Why do Basques cover the eyes of their oxen
14.     What is the chief crop of the Basque farmer?
15.     The "pottokak" are ___________ _____________ and are related to prehistoric _____________ portrayed in cave paintings.
16.     A "bota" is a ____________________ _________________ for wine.
17.     Many coastal-dwelling Basques engaged in what occupation from the Thirteenth through the Seventeenth Centuries?
18.     In what other ways have Basques profited from their maritime skills?
19.     What is the religious affiliation of the Basque people?
20.     The marriage of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa sealed what agreement?
21.     This agreement concerned the border between ________________ and_________________ and divided the Basque people into two official nationalities.
22.     After the wedding of Louis XIV, the church door in Saint Jean de Luz was sealed so that __________________________could not pass through it.
23.     Name three "supernatural creatures" that live on in Basque myth and legend
24.     What three things have the power to protect homes from evil spirits, according to Basque beliefs?
25.     Which French town is said to be haunted by witches?
26.     In which century were Basques the target of a witch hunt?
27.     Voltaire described the Basques as the "people who __________________, or rather, who _______________________ , at the foot of the Pyrenees."
28.     A ________________________ is an open court for the game of pelote, or pelota.
29.     The mountain pass at Roncesvalles is significant because of the _________________ of Roland and his ________________________.
30.     The Basque hunt wild doves in the high passes of the ____________________.
31.     Do Basques tend to be trustful or distrustful of outsiders?
32.     "__________" or "___________" were special privileges granted to Basques by France and Spain.
33.     What happened to Guernica during the Spanish Civil War?
34.     The ETA is an organization of Basques fighting for a __________________________.
35.     What are the usual targets of the ETA?
36.     Who are ETA's "legal commandos"?
37.     How do French Basques aid Spanish Basque exiles?
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Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.