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Study Guide Answers

1.     Why is the quinceaños celebrated? What does it symbolize?
     It marks a special birthday. It celebrates the passage from childhood to womanhood.
2.     At what age is the quinceaños celebrated?
3.     What must the quinceañera do prior to the festival to ensure that she realizes the religious significance of the celebration?
     She must attend classes at the church.
4.     Who "stands up" with the quinceañera during all of the day's activities?
     an escort
5.     What religion does Patricia's family practice?
     Roman Catholic
6.     What is pandelote con chile?
     cornbread with chili pepper sauce
7.     Why does Patricia present roses at the mass for the quinceaños?
     to receive blessings from the Virgin of Guadalupe
8.     What does the basilica in Mexico City enshrine?
     the tunic of Juan Diego
9.     What is "Dos Ríos"?
     a fabric store in McAllen
10.     Only those persons receiving invitations will come to the quinceaños. True or false?
11.     The quinceaños is celebrated for boys and girls. True or false
12.     The quinceañera must plan the quinceaños by herself. True or false?
13.     To put together a quinceaños takes months of preparation. True or false?
14.     The quinceañera pillow is used by the quinceañera to take a nap after the mass. True or false?
15.     The quinceañera must wear a white dress to symbolize her innocence and youth. True or false?
16.     Name the first stage of the quinceañera's celebration.
     church service
17.     For how long has Patricia's family been discussing the quinceaños?
     two years
18.     The quinceaños is never rehearsed. True or false?
19.     What does the deacon lead during the quinceaños?
     leads the order of activities
20.     What food do Patricia's grandmother and aunt prepare early on the day of the celebration?
21.     What is the church service formally called by Roman Catholics?
     a mass
22.     Which two people assume the positions of honor at the head table?
     the quinceañera and her escort
23.     What kind of music is played during the celebration?
24.     What is symbolized in Patricia's presentation by her mother and father?
     stepping into adulthood
25.     What is symbolized in the traditional dance of Patricia and her father?
     the father's care for her during her childhood
26.     What does Omar represent as he takes Patricia for a dance?
     the man who will receive Patty from her father someday
27.     What does each of the fourteen young girls represent?
     Each represents one year in Patty's life.
28.     The fiesta must end at the stroke of midnight. True or false?
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Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.