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Study Guide Answers

1.     The basis for every news story is:         a.  facts          b.  opinions           c. social acceptability          d.  political purity
     a.  facts
2.     What is a more accurate way to describe ?journalistic objectivity??
3.     Where in a newspaper do a writer?s personal opinions belong?
     editorials and signed columns
4.     What are the Five W?s of journalism?
     Who, What, When, Where, Why
5.     Besides the Five W?s, what other basic question needs to be answered in         a news story?
6.     The common way of viewing the composition of a news story is as:         a.  a pyramid    b.  an inverted pyramid     c.  a squared circle     d.  a pentagon
     b.  an inverted pyramid
7.     What is the foundation of a news story called?
     the lead
8.     Where is the foundation of news story located?
     on top (or first)
9.     What part of a news story supports its function?
     the body
10.     Events happening first in a related sequence are more important since they         set the stage for everything which follows them.  True or false?
11.     Broad general statements in news stories are dangerous because they often         reflect the writer?s personal opinion.  True or false?
12.     Which verbs provide the most punch to a news story?         a.  active          b.  passive        c.  offensive         d.  defensive
      a.  active
13.     Why do most adverbs and some adjectives require care in usage?
      They reflect opinions.
14.     A newspaper lead should be written in stone and seldom modified.  True or false?
15.     The kinds of leads appropriate for a feature story are not always appropriate         for straight news stories.  True or false?
16.     List three stories that you think your school newspaper needs to cover.
     list--answers will vary
17.     News features can add depth to our understanding by exploring causes, interpreting        the facts, and weighing their importance.  True or false?
18.     What is another name for interpretive reporting?
     investigative reporting
19.     Would a "how-to" story be classified as an informative or an entertainment feature?
20.     Feature writers don't have to worry as much about facts as do reporters of straight        news. True or false?
21.     Feature writing involves a shift in emphasis among the basic elements of a news story.        True or false?
22.     Background and interpretive features are often hung on what?
     a news peg
23.     Anniversaries are often used as the justification for ___________________  feature        stories.
24.     A story designed to emotionally involve readers in the experiences of someone else        is classified as a(n) ________________  ____________________  feature.
     human interest
25.     To gather facts by talking to someone is known as a(n) ________________________.
26.     A good feature writer will work longer gathering information than in writing the actual        story. True or false?
27.     The figurative description of a feature story resembles:         a.  a pyramid     b.  an inverted pyramid   c.  a squared circle   d.  a pentagon
     a.  a pyramid
28.     A feature lead usually opens by making the main point of the story.  True or false?
29.     What is it called when one makes the facts appear to support a preconceived conclusion?
30.     Introducing the feature topic, building suspense, and delivering the conclusion as if it were   a punch line is referred to as ___________________  form.
31.     Because they indicate the opinion of someone other than the writer, quotations should have only a minor place in feature stories.  True or false?
32.     List three feature possibilities.
      list--answers will vary
33.     Columns and editorials treat facts in a distinctive style and from a particular        _________________ ______  ____________ .
     point of view
34.     Two possibilities for columnists or editorial writers are to state an opinion or         ___________________  ____________________ .
     propose a solution
35.     Columns, but not editorials, provide the opportunity to air gossip, idle speculation, and overt emotionality without having to be overly concerned  with the facts involved. True or false?
36.     Why are personal notes columns so popular?
     They include people we know.
37.     Aside from physical reprisals, what is a danger in printing false, embarrassing, or malicious gossip?
     a libel suit
38.     What is the difference between school romances and those of movie stars?
     Students are not celebrities.
39.     The good taste required for a successful columnist can also be phrased as  demonstrating_______________  for one's readers.
40.     School spirit is always a good topic for an editorial.  True or false?
41.     Editorials provide a place to write one's personal biases and prejudices without  having to worry about sticking to the facts.  True or false?
42.     Two of the three functions of an editorial are to _______________________    and _____________________________ .
      ask a question, promote discussion, or propose a solution
43.     Editorials should be related to recent news events.  True or false?
44.     Space for editorials should not be wasted on small problems, but should be saved for important issues.  True or false?
45.     The first step in editorial writing is to ______________________________.
     gather the facts
46.     Editorials should present only one side of an issue.  True or false?
47.     There is a reservoir of words and phrases used by editorial writers that one should respect and employ to write a proper editorial.  True or false?
48.     An editorial represents the opinion of:         a.  the student body     b.  the newspaper advisor      c.  the school board   d.  the newspaper
     d.  the newspaper
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