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Study Guide Answers

1.     What is a standardized test designed to measure?
     It is designed to measure each student's skills against those of other students.
2.     Create a test preparation ________________________ for yourself.
3.     For college entrance exams, begin preparing ______________________ or more in advance.
     a year
4.     What can help you to prepare for a college entrance test?
     books, software, web sites
5.     Most questions are followed by several ___________________________________ .
     multiple choice answers
6.     What are many of the multiple choice answers?
     distracter, or trick, answers
7.     If you take a preparation course for college entrance exams, the instructors will teach you everything that you need to know in order to do well on the test. True or false?
8.     What is the best way to prepare for a college entrance exam?
     Work hard all through high school and learn as much as you can in all of your classes.
9.     From what does test anxiety result?
     It results from the fear of doing poorly.
10.     What can you do that will influence your test score in a positive way?
     Exercise, rest, eat right, listen to music, dress comfortably, arrive at the test site early and with the necessary materials, check to see if the test is timed, read directions and questions carefully, use educated guesses, fill in answers carefully, and remain calm.
11.     Exercise can lessen _____________________ and give you more ___________________.
     nervousness/ energy
12.     Standardized tests are a measure of your _____________________________________________.
     long-term education
13.     Cramming is a bad idea. True or false?
14.     Go out and have fun with your friends the night before an important test. True or false?
15.     Why is a nutritionally-sound breakfast important?
     It helps your brain to function at its best.
16.     Why is eating a breakfast that contains a lot of sugar and caffeine a bad idea?
     They can cause swift fluctuations in blood sugar levels and they can bring about symptoms of anxiety, such as sweaty palms or a rapid heartbeat.
17.     What is the "Mozart Effect"?
     The "Mozart Effect" is the positive relationship between listening to complex classical music and learning.
18.     Listening to classical music will reduce _________________________ and _________________, and increase ____________________________.
     learning time/ stress/ memory of the material
19.     What is it important to dress comfortably on test day?
     Uncomfortable clothing will make you focus on your discomfort.
20.     Why should you layer your clothes?
     The testing room may be cold or warm; when wearing layers of clothing, you can be sure that whatever the temperature, you'll be comfortable.
21.     Wearing a wristwatch will help you to be aware of ________________________________.
     elapsed time ( or how much time remains )
22.     Why is it a good idea to arrive at the test site early?
     It will keep you from feeling breathless and flustered at the beginning of the exam.
23.     Why is breathing slowly helpful?
     Breathing slowly helps to relieve anxiety.
24.     What kind of pencils do you need when taking a standardized test?
     well-sharpened #2 pencils
25.     If the test is timed, ________________ yourself.
26.     Answer the hardest questions first. True or false?
27.     The easier questions are usually at the end of the test. True or false?
     false/ Easier questions are usually at the beginning of the test.
28.     Why is it important to read directions and questions all the way through before answering?
     When you think that you know what the directions are or when you think that you know what the question is asking, but you really don't, you may lose points.
29.     Why should you beware of "absolute qualifiers"?
     Most correct answers are not absolute.
30.     Deductive reasoning can often lead you to a correct answer. True or false?
31.     If you can't make an educated guess, pick the ___________________ answer.
32.     If two options are almost identical, ______________________________________________ .
     Don't choose either of them.
33.     If two options are contradictory, ________________________________________________.
     Choose one of them.
34.     How can your entire answer sheet be "thrown off"?
     by filling in one answer on the wrong line
35.     What will likely happen if the monitor finds you looking around during a standardized test?
     You'll be removed from the testing room and your test will not count.
36.     Your first instincts are usually ______________________ .
37.     Don't dwell upon the ramifications of the test while you're taking it. True or false?
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