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Study Guide Answers

1.     The Greek words, holo and caustos, were used to refer to what?
     an ancient religious rite during which an offering was completely consumed by fire
2.     What did German Nazis try to do during the Holocaust?
     They tried to annihilate all European Jews and several other minority groups.
3.     For how long have Jews been the victims of discrimination?
     for thousands of years
4.     How did it happen that Jews were scattered throughout the Roman Empire?
     They were taken as slaves after the Jews of Israel failed in a revolt against their Roman oppressors in 66 A.D. .
5.     Segregated neighborhoods in which Jews were forced to live were called "______________________."
6.     During the Christian Crusades, entire Jewish communities were ______________________________.
7.     Adolph Hitler was determined to avenge Germany's defeat in what war?
     WW I
8.     When was the Nazi movement born?
9.     When did Hitler become the leader of the Nazi movement?
10.     What ideology was at the core of the Nazi movement?
     the "New Order" of Aryan predominance
11.     What idea did the ideology named in #10 (above) promote?
     It promoted the idea that Jews were inferior and that they were to blame for Germany's problems.
12.     When did the Nazi Party take the reins of power in Germany?
     in January of 1933
13.     Mischlinge means "________________________________" in German.
14.     How were handicapped children treated in Nazi Germany?
     Prior to 1939, they were sterilized. After 1939, they were murdered.
15.     The pauperization program waged in Germany between 1933 and 1939 was designed to bring about what result?
     the economic ruin of Jews
16.     What event triggered Kristallnacht?
     A German diplomat was assassinated by a 17-year-old Jew who was angry about the treatment his family had received at the hands of the Nazis.
17.     What happened on Kristallnacht?
     There was widespread violence against Jews. Synagogues were burned. Shop windows were smashed. Jews were brutalized.
18.     WW II broke out when Germany seized the western half of _______________________ in 1939.
19.     What were the Einsatzgruppen?
     mobilized executioner-police officers who carried out mass killings in the USSR
20.     What was Hitler's proposed "final solution" for the "Jewish problem"?
21.     After 1933, Germany was a(n) ________________________ state.
22.     Who were the "political police"?
     the Gestapo
23.     Concentration camps were operated by members of the ______________________________.
24.     Name some countries that resisted the demand to hand over their Jewish citizens.
     Italy, Hungary, Romania, Denmark
25.     What happened at a "forced labor camp"?
     Inmates were made to aid the German war effort . They had to participate in industrial production.
26.     Some inmates were used as subjects in ______________________________________________.
     horrendous medical experiments
27.     How did Anne Frank die?
     She succumbed to typhus.
28.     What happened to concentration camp prisoners who thought that they were going to take a shower?
     They were gassed.
29.     It is estimated that _________________________________ people died in Hitler's death camps.
     six million
30.     How did Hitler die?
     He committed suicide.
31.     Why was the nation of Israel created?
     to give the Jews a homeland
32.     In what year was the modern nation of Israel created?
33.     Where were the famous trials of Hitler's co-conspirators held?
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