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Study Guide Answers

1.     What allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state, thus keeping the number of free and slave states equal?
     Missouri Compromise
2.     What is rivalry among various sections of a country?
3.     What is an armed conflict between people of the same country?
     Cilvi war
4.     What law requires that all citizens help to return runaway slaves?
     Fugitive Slave Law
5.     A __________________ is a gun warehouse, like the one raided in Harper's Ferry, Virginia.
6.     What do you call when seperating from a country?
7.     _________________ _____________________ is control by the people, or voting.
     popular sovereignty
8.     Name the act that divided the Nebraska Territory into the two territories of Kansas and Nebraska, thereby allowing the states to settle the slavery question for themselves.
     Kansas-Nebraska Act
9.     What law ruled by the army instead of the elected officials?
     Martial Law
10.     The South's idea that each state had the right to determine whether or not to follow federal laws, which they applied to slavery were the ________________ _________________.
     States Rights
11.     U.S. lands that had not yet officially formed into states are known as __________________.
12.     The ___________________ ________________________ is a political and moral movement comprised of groups devoted to freedom for the slaves.
     Abolitionist Movement
13.     Name the title of the book Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote to illustrate the evils of slavery and the injustices of the Fugitive Slave Law.
     Uncle Tom's Cabin
14.     The ____________________ __ _____ stated that California would enter the Union as a free state, New Mexico and Utah would decide the question of slavery by popular sovereignty, the slave trade in Washington, D.C. would end, and the country would live under the Fugitive Slave Law.
     Compromise of 1850
15.     The __________________ _____________________ name was given to the fighting in Kansas that occurred when both proslavery and antislavery settlers rushed to the state to fight for control of the territory.
     Bleeding Kansas
16.     _________________ _______________ as the president of the Union known for the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg address.
     Abraham Lincoln
17.     _____________ _______________ was Lincoln's Secretary of War who rooted out corruption in the government.
     Edwin Stanton
18.     ________________ _______________ ______________ was an excellent organizer who unfortunatley avoided battle and constantly asked for reinforcements.
     General George McClellan
19.     ______________ ________________ __ ___________ was the leader of Union Forces.
     General Ulysses S. Grant
20.     _______________ _____________ __ _____________ was Grant's key man whose campaign involved total war.
     General William T. Sherman
21.     ____________________ ______________ was the president of the Confederacy.
     Jefferson Davis
22.     _______________ _____________ __________ was the best general the South had in the beginning of the war, despite the fact that he was unpopluar with almost everyone.
     General Braxton Bragg
23.     _____________ ____________ __ ____ was a Mexican War veteran whose tactics helped the South to dominate during the first two years of the war.
     General Robert E. Lee
24.     ___________ ______________ ____________ was the Confederate leader known for his bold calvary maneuvers, accidentally shot by his own men.
     General Stonewall Jackson
25.     _____________ ______________ led Southern efforts to manufacture or purchase rifles, cannons, and ammunition for the poorly-equipped army.
     Josiah Gorgas
26.     _________________ _______________ _________________ was one of America's greatest Naval heroes and the highest ranking Hispanic in the war.
     Admiral Davis Farragut
27.     _____________ _____________ ____________ was the Union doctor who was the highest-ranking African-American in the war.
     Major Martin Delany
28.     ____________ _______________ was a Native American Confederate general who raided forces in Arkansas and Missouri.
     Stand Watie
29.     _______________ _________________ was a Civil War nurse who founded the American Red Cross.
     Clara Barton
30.     ____________ ____________ was the superintendent of nurses for the entire Union army and reformer of prisons and mental hospital.
     Dorothea Dix
31.     ________________ _____ _____ was a woman who used her contacts in the Confederate White House, the Congress and the War Department to gather valuable information for the Union.
     Elizabeth Van Lew
32.     ______________ ____________ was a nurse, spy, and scout who helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.
     Harriet Tubman
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Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.