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Study Guide Questions

1.     How old was Martin Luther King, Jr., when he was ordained as a Baptist minister?
2.     Where did Martin Luther King, Jr. receive his Ph.D.?
3.     Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that his church could and should be an instrument for what?
4.     When did Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights activities begin?
5.     To what position was Martin Luther King, Jr. elected after his participation in the bus boycott?
6.     What type of protest did Martin Luther King, Jr. advocate?
7.     What organized group became the enemy of Martin Luther King, Jr.?
8.     Where were police dogs and fire hoses used against civil rights protesters?
9.     When did Martin Luther King, Jr. lead his famous March on Washington?
10.     For what did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provide? What did it prohibit?
11.     What was "Bloody Sunday"?
12.     What are two major honors that were accorded to Martin Luther King, Jr. ?
13.     When was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated, and by whom?
14.     Which president made Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a national holiday?
15.     When did Jesse Jackson join the Civil Rights Movement full-time?
16.     What was "Operation Breadbasket"?
17.     What was the goal of PUSH?
18.     What was the National Rainbow Coalition?
19.     When did Jesse Jackson first run in a presidential primary?
20.     How many new voters registered when Jesse Jackson campaigned for the presidency? What was one of the results of this movement to sign up new Black voters?
21.     When was Rainbow/PUSH formed?
22.     Several times, Jesse Jackson has aided in the liberation of what kinds of people?
23.     Jesse Jackson is only the second living person to receive what honor?
24.     To what position was Jesse Jackson promoted in October 1997?
25.     What has Jesse Jackson been called?
26.     What was the guiding factor in the formation of Malcolm X's views and decisions?
27.     Did Malcolm X believe in peaceful protest?
28.     What happened to Malcolm X's boyhood home?
29.     When did Malcolm X learn and embrace the teachings of Islam?
30.     Why did Malcolm change his last name from "Little" to "X"?
31.     What does the Black Muslim faith profess?
32.     What did Malcolm X believe would offer the only answer to racial turmoil in America?
33.     What did Malcolm X say about JFK in his speech, "Chickens Come Home to Roost"?
34.     Malcolm X was influenced by the views of what world-famous boxer?
35.     What changed Malcolm X's views on racism and segregation?
36.     Why was Malcolm X (Malki El-Shabazz) assassinated by Black Muslims?
37.     Why is Thurgood Marshall considered to be one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement?
38.     After Marshall received a law degree, where did he go to work?
39.     Along with Charles Hamilton, what did Marshall develop?
40.     Who appointed Thurgood Marshall to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit?
41.     When was Thurgood Marshall appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court? What special distinction did this appointment give him?
42.     What is "affirmative action"?
43.     Who was the first Black American to play in the World Series?
44.     At what university was Jackie Robinson the only student to letter in four sports?
45.     In what sport was Robinson weakest?
46.     Robinson was the first baseball player to have what issued in his honor?
47.     Colin Powell began his army career at what rank?
48.     For what president did Powell serve as national security advisor?
49.     When did Powell become a 4-star general?
50.     In what armed conflict did Powell help to lead U.N. forces against Saddam Hussein?
51.     Powell was the first Black American to serve as Chairman of what group?
52.     What is the aim of Powell's America's Promise - Alliance for Youth?
53.     Who became America's first secretary of state of the 21st Century?
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