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Study Guide Answers

1.     How many people who suffer from an eating disorder will die as a result?
2.     Anorexia is characterized by an unnatural preoccupation with ________________________ .
3.     How do anorexics induce self-starvation?
     They severely restrict their caloric intake.
4.     The anorexic's body image is ________________________ .
5.     Anorexics are obsessed with thoughts of _________________.
6.     Anorexics have rigid rules about their diets. True or false?
7.     Anorexics are afraid that if they start to eat, they won't stop. True or false?
8.     Most anorexics openly acknowledge that they have a problem. True or false?
9.     Why do some anorexics begin to wear baggy clothes?
     They don't want others to make remarks about how thin they are.
10.     What are the effects of anorexia on the body?
     slowed body functions/ inadequate protein stores/ ceased menstruation/damaged immune system/ decreased resistance to infection/ lowered blood pressure/slowed thyroid/ dry skin/ brittle hair and nails/ slow pulse/ cold intolerance/constipation/ hair falls out
11.     Anorexics may not be able to conceive children, even after recovery. True or false?
12.     What do bulimics do?
     They eat ( sometimes large quantities of food ) and then they purge.
13.     Bulimics engage in what types of abuse?
     forced vomiting/ laxative abuse/ diuretic abuse/ compulsive exercise
14.     How many of America's fifteen-year-olds binge?
15.     Why do some bulimics self-mutilate?
     They have a desire to inflict injury upon themselves.
16.     Most bulimics are extremely underweight. True or false?
17.     What are the possible results of laxative abuse?
     bloody diarrhea/ dehydration/ electrolyte imbalance/ damaged bowels/ ruined kidneys/ sudden death
18.     Why is it dangerous to induce vomiting with Ipecac syrup?
     It can permanently harm the heart muscle.
19.     Why does repeated vomiting erode dental enamel?
     Gastric acid eats away at the enamel.
20.     Eating disorders arise for reasons that usually have nothing to do with food. True or false?
21.     What are factors that can lead to the development of an eating disorder?
     societal pressures/ brain chemistry/ family dynamics/ perfectionism/ abusive environments/ desire to be in control/ athletic demands/ traumatic events
22.     The average fashion model weighs _____________ less than the average female of her height.
23.     What neurotransmitter may play a role in the development of eating disorders?
24.     Anorexics have a malfunctioning _________________________ .
25.     What are the "feel good" hormones that are released during exercise?
26.     What are some traits that are commonly seen in the family of an anorexic?
     conflict avoidance/ unnatural concern about appearances/ emphasis on high achievement/ lack of communication skills/ over-involvement with one another
27.     Bulimics often find that their negative feelings go away when they stuff themselves with food. True or false?
28.     Athletes who engage in what sports are often victims of eating disorders?
     wrestling/ gymnastics/ horse racing/ figure skating/ ballet dancing
29.     Why are athletes who have eating disorders so susceptible to orthopedic injuries?
     Their bones have been weakened by poor diets.
30.     What percentage of those who suffer from eating disorders are males?
31.     Bulimic men generally purge themselves of calories by ____________________.
32.     What are the warning signs that you may be developing an eating disorder?
     feeling disgusted with yourself after eating/ spending too much time exercising/ feeling that you're fat/ having a perfectionist attitude/ feeling hopeless and despondent/ weighing yourself once a day or more/ having suicidal thoughts
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