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Study Guide Questions

1.     Which best describes The Aeneid: fable, novel, epic, or short story?
2.     _____________________ wrote The Aeneid, but wanted it burned when he died. Why?
3.     Aeneas, the story's hero, founded ____________________ by command of the gods.
4.     The ancient Romans believed in only one god. True or false?
5.     The poet's purpose in writing The Aeneid was to show how depraved Rome's early citizens had been. True or false?
6.     Briefly tell how the Trojan War began. Why did Juno urge the Greeks to wage war against the Trojans?
7.     Aeneas's father was a mortal, but his mother was the goddess, _____________________ .
8.     How long did the Trojan War last?
9.     Why did the Greeks build a huge wooden horse?
10.     Who was the Greek spy sent to lie to the Trojans about the horse?
11.     A priest named Laoco÷n warned the Trojans that they were being tricked. True or false?
12.     Why were the Trojans convinced that the Roman spy was telling the truth?
13.     What happened to Troy?
14.     Who was Creusa? What did her ghost tell Aeneas about his future?
15.     How did Aeneas and his loyal band of patriots escape the Greeks?
16.     Where did Aeneas's household gods tell him to search for the "Promised Land"?
17.     About what omen did the angry harpie queen tell Aeneas?
18.     Aeneas and his men stayed and rested for a year at _________________________ .
19.     Why was Aeneas so pleased to find Andromache, the Queen of Chaonia?
20.     King Helenus told Aeneas that when he saw __________________________________, he would know that he had reached the Promised Land.
21.     What was Scylla?
22.     Charybdis was a huge sea serpent that attacked passing ships. True or false?
23.     What strange feature did the Cyclopes have?
24.     Who was Polyphemus?
25.     Shortly after landing at Drepanum in Sicily, which member of Aeneas's party died?
26.     How were Aeneas and his men treated at Carthage?
27.     Why was Aeneas chided by the ghost of his father?
28.     Aeneas was eventually prompted to leave Carthage by __________________________ , Jupiter's messenger.
29.     Why did he leave secretly, in the dark of night?
30.     What did Queen Dido do when it was discovered that Aeneas was gone?
31.     Why were Aeneas and his men once again diverted to Sicily?
32.     Why did Juno send the goddess, Iris, to Sicily - disguised as an old woman?
33.     How many ships were saved after the fires?
34.     In a dream, Anchises's ghost told Aeneas to leave the _________________________ people behind in Sicily and take only the __________________ people with him to rebuild the Trojan race.
35.     Where did Anchises tell Aeneas to go, in order to learn the fate of the Trojans?
36.     What was the name of the city that Aeneas and his men built for the people who were staying behind in Sicily?
37.     Who helped Aeneas to make the difficult journey into Hades?
38.     Aeneas had to have something before he could enter Hades--what was it?
39.     Charon was the name of the boat that Aeneas rode into Hades. True or false?
40.     Where did Aeneas find Anchises?
41.     What did Anchises show to Aeneas?
42.     When Aeneas and his men finally found Latium, they ate from their plates of bread, as the harpie queen had foretold. True or false?
43.     Who was the reigning king when Aeneas arrived at Latium?
44.     Aeneas and his men were well received by the king. True or false?
45.     Why couldn't Aeneas marry Lavinia, the King's daughter?
46.     How did Juno create problems for Aeneas in Latium?
47.     Father Tiber warned Aeneas that he was destined to lose if he went to war against Turnus. True or false?
48.     What did Father Tiber tell Aeneas that the thirty pigs were meant to represent?
49.     What did Aeneas do with the sow and the pigs, once he found them?
50.     Venus asked ______________________ to make special armor and weapons for Aeneas.
51.     Aeneas and his men were outnumbered by Turnus's army throughout the war. True or false?
52.     Why did the gods stop interfering in the war?
53.     In a bloody duel, Turnus killed ______________________ and stole his sword, for use against Aeneas
54.     Realizing who would win the war, what did Juno ask of Jupiter?
55.     What made Aeneas change his mind about sparing Turnus's life?
56.     Despite killing Turnus, Aeneas was never able to marry Lavinia. True or false?
57.     After uniting to form one civilization, what did the Latins and the Trojans call their homeland?
58.     The ____________________ system of this civilization has remained unsurpassed throughout history. a.) number b.) legal c.) calendar d.) irrigation
59.     What eventually caused the downfall of Rome?
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