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Study Guide Questions

Directions:     Match the names with the the descriptions.
A. The shapeless mass that contained the seeds of the universe Q. Goddess of Love and Beauty HH. King of Crete who demanded sacrificial victims from Athenians
B. Mother Earth R. God of Love II. Half-bull, half-man monster who lived in the labyrinth
C. Father Sky S. Lord of the Realm of the Dead JJ. Cretan princess who provided a hero with the secret to the labyrinth
D. The Titan who brought fire to humanity T. Kidnapped goddess who later became the Queen of the Dead KK. The builder-inventor who created the labyrinth and later flew away from Crete
E. Greek agricultural goddess U. Two-headed god known as the Porter of Heaven LL. Hero required to perform twelve dangerous tasks before being granted immortality
F. Lord of the Sea V. God of Flocks and Shepherds MM. Warrior women who lived near the Black Sea
G. King of the Olympian Gods W. Goddess of Flowers NN. Hero of the Trojan War who was killed when struck by an arrow in his heel
H. Queen of the Gods X. God of the Cold North Wind OO. Queen of Sparta, whose abduction led to the Trojan War
I. God of War Y. Goddess of the Dawn PP. Leader of the Greek forces during the Trojan War
J. Volcano-dwelling architect and metal-working god AA. He conquered a hideous monster by looking at a reflection of her face QQ. King of Ithaca who underwent many trials on his journey home from Troy
K. Goddess of Wisdom BB. A Gorgon whose head was covered with snakes RR. One-eyed, cannibalistic Cyclops
L. Mother of Apollo and Artemis CC. The giant who carried the world on his shoulders; he was often tricked SS. Enchantress who turned men into pigs
M. God of Archery, Music, and, later, the Sun DD. A winged horse often associated with the Muses TT. Hero's wife who waited 20 years while he fought the Trojan War and tried to get home
N. Goddess of the Moon EE. The leader of the Argonauts UU. Trojan survivor of the Trojan War claimed as an ancestor by the Romans
O. Male Messenger of the Gods FF. The goal of the Argonauts VV. Author of The Aeneid
P. God of Wine GG. Prince who freed Athens from its obligations to Greece WW. Author of The Iliad and The Odyssey
XX. Queen of Carthage who fell in love with a hero who later deserted her YY. Founder of Rome
1.     ______ Poseidon
2.     ______ Athena
3.     ______ Boreas
4.     ______ Dionysus
5.     ______ Chaos
6.     ______ Apollo
7.     ______ Hera
8.     ______ Pan
9.     ______ Prometheus
10.     ______ Eros
11.     ______ Artemis
12.     ______ Janus
13.     ______ Gaia
14.     ______ Aurora
15.     ______ Hades
16.     ______ Hephaestus
17.     ______ Demeter
18.     ______ Persephone
19.     ______ Ares
20.     ______ Flora
21.     ______ Uranus
22.     ______ Hermes
23.     ______ Aphrodite
24.     ______ Leto
25.     ______ Zeus
26.     ______ Theseus
27.     ______ Aeneas
28.     ______ Medusa
29.     ______ Circe
30.     ______ Agamemnon
31.     ______ Homer
32.     ______ Jason
33.     ______ Amazons
34.     ______ Minotaur
35.     ______ Virgil
36.     ______ Romulus
37.     ______ Atlas
38.     ______ Minos
39.     ______ Helen
40.     ______ Ariadne
41.     ______ Golden Fleece
42.     ______ Dido
43.     ______ Polyphemus
44.     ______ Hercules
45.     ______ Perseus
46.     ______ Penelope
47.     ______ Odysseus
48.     ______ Daedalus
49.     ______ Achilles
50.     ______ Pegasus
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