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Study Guide Answers

1.     In Italy, poinsettias are called "__________________________________," which means "____________________________________________________."
     Stelle di Natale/ Stars of Christmas
2.     What are the zampognari?
     shepherds who come down from the mountains of Abruzzi to play for the Christ Child with bagpipes and fifes
3.     What do the zampognari traditionally wear?
     sheepskin vests and sandals with upturned toes
4.     When and where was the date of December 25th chosen for the Christmas mass?
     in Italy in the early 4th Century
5.     Who was Saturn?
     the Roman god of abundance and agriculture
6.     When did ancient Romans celebrate the Festival of Saturn?
     in late December, at the winter solstice
7.     When does the amount of daylight begin to increase?
     at the winter solstice
8.     Why did early Christians want Christmas to coincide with the Festival of Saturn?
     because they considered Jesus to be the Light of the World
9.     What elements of the Festival of Saturn were incorporated into the Christmas celebration?
     feasting and gift-giving
10.     When does the Christmas season end?
     on January 6th - Epiphany
11.     What is "Epiphany"?
     the traditional date of the Wise Men's arrival in Bethlehem
12.     In Tuscany, what does each village build on Christmas Eve?
     a bonfire
13.     What is done at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve? Why is this done?
     Ginestra twigs are burned in fireplaces. Legend says that the ginestra failed to shelter the Holy Family as they fled to Egypt.
14.     What kind of tree is usually used as a Christmas tree? Why?
     the juniper tree/ A juniper is said to have hidden the Holy Family from Herod's soldiers, while also protecting them from the snow.
15.     An Italian nativity scene is called a(n) "_________________________________________."
16.     When did the custom of making nativity scenes originate?
     in 1223
17.     In Italy, Santa Claus is "_________________________________________."
     Babba Natale
18.     Who is the kind, old witch who brings children presents on January 6th?
19.     The Three Kings were said to have stopped where on their way to Bethlehem?
     at Befana's house
20.     The name, Befana, is derived from "___________________________________."
21.     Why does the railroad department schedule special trains?
     to provide transportation for the many Christmas travelers
22.     What do airlines sometimes do as Christmas approaches?
     go on strike
23.     What is porchetta?
     roast pig
24.     Lucca is surrounded by _____________________________________________.
     medieval walls
25.     What do the merchants of Lucca lay in the streets to attract Christmas customers?
     red carpets
26.     What is a favorite gathering place in Rome?
     the Piazza di Spagna - the Spanish Steps
27.     Who are the carabinieri?
     a special branch of the Italian police
28.     What is one of Rome's famous shopping streets?
     the Via Condotti
29.     Where is the best-known of Italy's Christmas markets?
     in the Piazza Navona
30.     Where does the Pope deliver his annual Christmas message?
     in Rome's St. Peter's Square
31.     It is bad luck to have ____________________________________________ in a bouquet.
     an even number of flowers
32.     Chrysanthemums are only _______________________________________________.
     for the cemetery
33.     Before attending mass on Christmas Eve, Italians eat a huge meal. True or false?
34.     Some Italians eat seven kinds of ____________________________ on Christmas Eve.
35.     What do children do in front of presepes?
     They recite poetry.
36.     What is Italian for "Happy New Year"?
     Buon Anno Nuovo
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