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Study Guide Answers

1.     What brings on a feeling of fear?
     Fear is brought on when we're aware that we may be subjected to injury, pain, or loss.
2.     What do our bodies secrete when we're afraid? What can happen when high levels of this substance are maintained for prolonged periods of time?
     adrenaline/ Our immune systems become suppressed, and then we're more susceptible to disease.
3.     How can fear sometimes benefit us?
     It helps us to react to danger that threatens us, and it makes us take precautions to protect ourselves.
4.     What are the worst fears?
     fears that immobilize us and render us unable to act
5.     What is a common base fear that most people have?
     fear of violence
6.     Why do so many people fear rejection?
     Most people want to "fit in" and to be liked by others.
7.     What is the number-one fear of most people?
     public speaking
8.     Why are we afraid in unfamiliar situations?
     We don't know what to expect.
9.     Upon what are rational fears based?
     actual danger
10.     Are irrational fears real?
     Yes, they're real, but they're not based upon the existence of real danger.
11.     Which cause greater fear: threats that are new to us or threats that we've grown used to?
     threats that are new to us
12.     When a fear begins to interfere with a person's daily life or with a person's ability to function normally, what has the fear turned into?
     a phobia
13.     What happens when people magnify their fears?
     Their fears begin to hold more power over them.
14.     Why is it important that you acknowledge your fear?
     You can't deal with it until you've admitted that it exists.
15.     Why is it important to do things that you enjoy, even when you are fearing something?
     Enjoying life keeps fear from dominating your thoughts. Having fun alleviates the stress that fear creates.
16.     Why does reaching out to others help people to cope with their fears?
     This helps people to be less self-absorbed, and it lets them know that they are doing something to make the world a better place.
17.     Why is taking positive action the best way to overcome fear?
     Acting in spite of fear strengthens character and lets the person see that fear does not have to immobilize him or her.
18.     Why do some people turn to drugs or alcohol when they're afraid?
     These substances temporarily numb the mind, but in the long run, they only add to a person's problems.
19.     Why should you limit TV viewing during a time of collective crisis?
     Constant viewing will heighten your anxieties and can make you feel as if you were a victim of the tragedy.
20.     What should you do if you've made efforts to cope with fear, but to no avail?
     Seek help from a school counselor or from a mental health professional.
© Educational Video Network, Inc. 2005 - www.evndirect.com
Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.