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Study Guide Answers

1.     What percent of today's high school students work an average of 18 hours a week during the school year?
2.     What percent of teens work at full-time or part-time jobs in the summer months?
3.     What legislation was the government's response to the concerns business owners had about the capabilities of the nation's high school graduates?
     The School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994
4.     In the school-to-work program, academic instruction is integrated with what?
     It's integrated with supervised, on-the-job, vocational training, where students get hands-on experience.
5.     Name five part-time jobs that are available to teens in most communities.
     jobs in : department stores, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, and movie theaters; also - newspaper delivery
6.     Name five places where teens can generally find seasonal employment during summer months.
     beaches, city or state parks, resorts, tennis clubs, municipal swimming pools, golf courses, summer camps, amusement parks
7.     Explain what "networking" is.
     Networking means that you use your connections with friends and family to find out about opportunities for employment.
8.     Name five businesses that teens who want to be self-employed might consider trying.
     pet sitting, dog walking, babysitting, yard maintenance, snow removal, tutoring, teaching computer skills, creating Web sites, typing, cleaning houses, washing windows, painting and wallpapering, washing and detailing cars, catering parties, entertaining at children's parties
9.     Federal and state laws are designed to protect the teen worker from what in the workplace?
     injury and fatigue
10.     If state laws are stricter than federal laws, which set of laws will apply?
     the state laws
11.     People under the age of 18 cannot work in a meat-packing business. True or false?
12.     People under the age of 18 can operate a forklift./ True or false?
13.     People who are 14 or 15 years old may work during school hours under what conditions?
     They must be in an authorized training program.
14.     If a job begins to affect your grades, what should you do?
     Get a job with more flexibility, find a job with shorter hours, or do not work.
15.     What can a teen gain from doing volunteer work?
     work experience and job-related skills
16.     When it's time to fill out a job application, what are you advised to do?
     Take the application home with you. Make a photocopy of the application and fill that out first. Have someone look over your "dummy" application, and then copy the information onto the actual application form.
17.     What's the main purpose of your job interview?
     It allows the employer to decide whether or not you're the person he/she wants to hire for a particular position.
18.     Name three things that you should do at a job interview.
     Show a positive attitude. Smile and shake hands if the interviewer extends his/her hand. Make eye contact with the interviewer. Stay focused on what's being said. Speak clearly and use good grammar. Ask questions, if you have any. Thank the interviewer for his/her time.
19.     How should you handle the situation if friends show up at your workplace?
     Greet them briefly and continue to do your job.
20.     In most states, work permits are issued for a fee. True or false?
     False/ in most states, work permits are free.
21.     In most places, what do you need to have with you when applying for a work permit?
     your birth certificate and an "intent to employ" form from your prospective employer
22.     Why do most teens have minimum-wage jobs?
     They have limited knowledge and experience and no specialized skills. Others can be trained to replace them quickly.
23.     How can you make yourself more marketable?
     Pursue vocational training or college-level studies.
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