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Study Guide Answers

1.     What floods the body during adolescence, causing sexual characteristics to appear?
2.     During the teen years, a growing desire for physical intimacy is normal. True or false?
3.     Practicing abstinence means refraining from what?
     intercourse and any kind of intimate sexual contact
4.     What percent of teens who engage in early sexual activity regret their decision to do so?
     Ninety-eight percent regret it.
5.     What percent of sexually active teens have been educated about sexually transmitted diseases?
6.     About three quarters of today's sexually active teens use condoms. True or false?
     false/ Fewer than half use condoms.
7.     How many of the 3.3 million unplanned pregnancies every year happen to girls between the ages of 15 and 19?
     more than one million
8.     Poverty strikes _____________________________________ of all single moms between the ages of 14 and 25.
     two thirds
9.     What percent of single moms finish high school?
10.     What's a girl's chance of getting pregnant during her first year of sexual activity, if she doesn't use contraceptives?
11.     What are a girl's chances of getting herpes from one unprotected sexual encounter?
12.     What ill psychological effects can stem from teen sexual activity?
     Teens may lose self-respect - they may feel "used." Their reputations may suffer.
13.     Before a young man becomes a father, what should he be ready to handle?
     The consequences - he must be ready to offer support to the newborn and its mother.
14.     What can asking yourself some pointed questions about sex help you to determine?
     Asking yourself questions can help you to determine whether or not you're really ready to handle a sexual relationship.
15.     How many known STDs are there?
16.     Genital warts can be prevented by using condoms. True or false?
17.     What's the leading cause of cervical cancer in women?
     genital warts
18.     How often do condoms fail to prevent the spread of the HIV ?
     one out of six times
19.     What percent of girls who contract chlamydia don't even know that they have it?
20.     What problem can chlamydia cause?
21.     Why do some teens have sex, even though they don't especially want to have that kind of relationship?
     to gain popularity, to satisfy curiosity, to "prove" their love
22.     Why is emotional stability so important when someone is in a sexual relationship?
     It helps that person to handle the doubts and questions about the relationship.
23.     What are the possible consequences of being in a sexual relationship when you're not emotionally ready?
     You can be left feeling distrustful when the relationship ends. You may experience solation, stress, depression, and even fear.
24.     Can you begin to practice abstinence if you've already been sexually active?
     Yes, you can.
25.     What steps can you take to ensure that you won't become sexually involved before you're ready?
     Stay away from drugs and alcohol - they loosen inhibitions. Date people in your own age group. Be open and honest about your feelings and your convictions. Stick with group activities.
© Educational Video Network, Inc. 2005 - www.evndirect.com
Your leading source for curriculum-based educational videos and DVDs.