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Study Guide Questions

1.     Amphetamines and methamphetamines are [depressant/stimulant] drugs.
2.     When were amphetamines and methamphetamines first developed?
3.     What do these drugs increase? What do they reduce?
4.     Why were these drugs introduced into the U.S. pharmaceutical market in 1932?
5.     What is the only legal way to obtain amphetamines and methamphetamines today?
6.     For what disorder are children often prescribed Ritalin, a stimulant drug?
7.     What is narcolepsy?
8.     Why is obesity sometimes treated with amphetamines?
9.     A clear, crystalline form of the chemical compound, d-methamphetamine-hydrochloride, is commonly called what?
10.     In its smokeable form, methamphetamine is called _____________________________________.
11.     The main ingredient in crystal meth is _____________________________________.
12.     All forms of methamphetamine are chemically identical. True or false?
13.     ICE is melted, vaporized, and ________________________________.
14.     Why does an ICE user normally have a burn mark on his or her hand?
15.     How long does the "high" produced by meth last?
16.     A single dose of methamphetamine can be fatal. True or false?
17.     Addiction to ICE can happen after the very first smoke. True or false?
18.     Habitual methamphetamine use rewires the brain. True or false?
19.     What neurotransmitter does methamphetamine cause the brain to release?
20.     What does the high level of dopamine cause?
21.     What does the brain do, to slow down the hyped-up flow of dopamine?
22.     Regarding excess dopamine, how is methamphetamine different from other stimulants?
23.     When a person is high on meth, what do brain cells produce to destroy the dopamine?
24.     Eventually, a meth addict does not have enough ___________________________ left in his or her brain for normal functioning.
25.     What kinds of consequences does the brain suffer as a result of methamphetamine abuse?
26.     What's usually the most dramatic and noticeable effect of methamphetamine use?
27.     Why does a meth user usually suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies?
28.     What two organs are especially at risk if meth use persists for a long period of time?
29.     What is "tweaking"?
30.     A "tweaker's" eyes move how much more quickly than those of a person who is sober?
31.     Because they have so much energy, what kinds of things do meth addicts do?
32.     When a "tweaker" comes down, how long might he or she sleep?
33.     Fatigue, in conjunction with overstimulation of the brain creates what?
34.     When a user develops "tolerance," what happens?
35.     Can a person overdose on meth?
36.     How can methamphetamine kill a person?
37.     Hazardous chemicals used to produce methamphetamine are __________________________________________________________________________.
38.     What ingredient used in methamphetamine production can dissolve flesh, right down to the bone, in seconds?
39.     Even the tiniest spark can create an explosion in a meth lab. True or false?
40.     Why must law enforcement officers wear special gear when they enter a meth lab?
41.     How much does the DEA spend every year to haul away meth-lab waste?
42.     What increased criminal sentences for the possession and distribution of methamphetamine?
43.     What are the mandatory minimum sentences for dealing meth?
44.     What's the first step in reclaiming your life from meth addiction?
45.     What may a former user experience while kicking the drug habit?
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