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Study Guide Questions

1.     Myths are _________________________ stories that narrate the __________________________ of a culture.
2.     Why can many mythological characters be referred to by either Greek or Roman names?
3.     Gods and heroes proved their strength and bravery by _____________________________________.
4.     The universe began as a swirling mass called "______________________________."
5.     Which god swallowed each of the children produced by his wife?
6.     Who were the swallowed children referred to in #5 (above)?
7.     Who was the mother of the swallowed children?
8.     Who was the sixth child produced by the mother named in #7 (above)?
9.     How did Zeus defeat his father?
10.     Who became the supreme ruler of the gods?
11.     Who was Zeus's wife and sister?
12.     What place became the home of the gods?
13.     What is Greece's tallest mountain?
14.     Why did Greeks like the idea of Zeus trysting with their maidens?
15.     Of what was Poseidon's palace constructed?
16.     Poseidon and Athena vied for what prize? Who won?
17.     What gift did Athena give to the people of the city of Athens?
18.     Which goddess swore to remain a virgin?
19.     What was the job of the goddess named in #18 (above)?
20.     Where did Hades (Pluto) spend most of his time?
21.     Who guarded the entrance to the Underworld?
22.     What would happen to anyone who looked at any of the Gorgons?
23.     Which of the Gorgons was mortal?
24.     Which son of Zeus was his personal messenger?
25.     What river had to be crossed on the journey to the Underworld?
26.     Who ferried the dead across the river named in #25 (above)?
27.     Why did ancient Greeks bury their dead with a coin under their tongues?
28.     Who made sure that no one could escape from the Underworld?
29.     In the Underworld, the dead were made to drink from _______________________________________.
30.     What resulted from taking the drink referred to in #29 (above)?
31.     Great sinners were whipped for all eternity by _____________________________.
32.     Where were the people who had been good taken?
33.     Who was the Goddess of Fertility?
34.     Who fathered Demeter's daughter?
35.     Who was the daughter of Demeter?
36.     Who fell in love with Demeter's daughter?
37.     Who kidnapped Persephone?
38.     Who was sent to bring Persephone from the Underworld?
39.     What had Persephone been tricked into eating, while she was in the Underworld?
40.     Where must Persephone spend one third of every year?
41.     What season of the year arrives when Persephone is in the Underworld?
42.     Of which of his children was Zeus the most fond?
43.     What did Zeus do with Metis when she was pregnant?
44.     How was Athena born?
45.     Why must spiders weave webs?
46.     Who was the Goddess of Beauty and Love?
47.     Who was the husband of Aphrodite?
48.     Where did Aphrodite's husband work?
49.     What did Hepaestus create for his wife?
50.     Who was Aphrodite's son?
51.     What did Aphrodite's son love to do?
52.     With whom did Aphrodite have a torrid affair?
53.     Ares was the God of _________________________________.
54.     What did Ares love above all else?
55.     What did the Romans call Ares?
56.     Who accompanied Ares into battle?
57.     Who told Hephaestus about his wife's adultery?
58.     What did Hera do, when she learned that Leto was pregnant?
59.     How was Hera convinced to release Ilithyia?
60.     Who were Leto's children?
61.     Who was the Goddess of the Hunt?
62.     Who was the God of Light and Music?
63.     What nine sisters were charged with the task of providing inspiration to artists, musicians, and writers?
64.     The words, "music" and "museum" are derivatives of the word, "_____________________."
65.     Who was the God of Wine and Passion?
66.     Who devised a plot to kill the pregnant Semele?
67.     How was Dionysus born?
68.     What gift did Dionysus agree to give to King Midas?
69.     Was Heracles (Hercules) a god or a hero?
70.     What did Hera put into Heracles' bed?
71.     What did Heracles (Hercules) do while insane?
72.     How many labors was Heracles made to do, in order to repent for what he had done?
73.     From whom did Heracles temporarily take the burden of the Earth and the heavens?
74.     Which god created human beings?
75.     What did Prometheus steal from the gods?
76.     What punishment did Zeus give to Prometheus?
77.     What does the name "Pandora" mean?
78.     Whom did Pandora resemble?
79.     Pandora was sculpted from what material?
80.     Who sculpted Pandora?
81.     What had Zeus given to Pandora?
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