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Study Guide Questions

1.     All-night, "underground" dance parties are called "____________________________."
2.     What are "designer drugs"?
3.     Many designer drugs have been adulterated with substances such as ____________________________ and __________________________________.
4.     Prior to 1988, how were illegal drugs defined?
5.     How have drugs been classified since 1988?
6.     Designer drugs are often up to several hundred times stronger than the drugs that they mimic. True or false?
7.     "Ecstasy" is derived from ______________________________ and ___________________________.
8.     What does Ecstasy stimulate?
9.     What is often seen on Ecstasy pills?
10.     Users claim that Ecstasy creates what kind of environment?
11.     Users say that Ecstasy breaks down ________________________________.
12.     What key brain chemical is rapidly depleted by Ecstasy?
13.     Ecstasy causes the degeneration of neurons that contain the neurotransmitter, ____________________.
14.     2C-B is a(n)______________________________________________________________drug.
15.     When was 2C-B first synthesized?
16.     Describe the behavior of people who are "high" on 2C-B.
17.     What is supposedly intensified by 2C-B?
18.     What is "synesthesia"?
19.     A "bad trip" on 2C-B is characterized by what?
20.     Psilocybin mushrooms are very __________________________-tasting.
21.     The body breaks down the psilocybin into ____________________________, which is thought to produce ______________________________________________.
22.     Mushroom-users feel detached from ________________________________________.
23.     Mushroom-users claim to "hear"_____________________________.
24.     Mushroom-users have an enormous amount of nervous energy. True or false?
25.     Large doses of mushrooms produce what effects?
26.     Many varieties of mushrooms are ______________________________.
27.     "Rohypnol" is the brand name for what drug?
28.     Rohypnol belongs to what class of drugs?
29.     Rohypnol's sedative effects are 7 to 10 times stronger than the sedative effects of _________________.
30.     Rohypnol is legally distributed in quite a few countries. True or false?
31.     Rohypnol is odorless and tasteless. True or false?
32.     Why is Rohypnol sometimes called "the date rape drug"?
33.     Rohypnol pills have distinctive _____________________________________________.
34.     What happens when alcohol and Rohypnol are combined?
35.     For how long may chronic users of Rohypnol experience withdrawal seizures?
36.     How is GHB usually distributed?
37.     What does GHB depress?
38.     How is GHB classified?
39.     At low doses, the effects of GHB are similar to the effects of what other drug?
40.     "Supplements" containing drugs similar to GHB are sold where?
41.     What damage can be done by the toxic chemicals that are used in the making of GHB?
42.     Death can be caused by even a small dose of GHB. True or false?
43.     An overdose of GHB will always result in __________________________________.
44.     Why is it easy to overdose on GHB?
45.     "Ketamine" is a(n) _____________________________________ that's used in _____________________________ medicine.
46.     What kind of feeling does a low dose of Ketamine create?
47.     When a person is on Ketamine, his or her extremities feel _________________________.
48.     The profound hallucinations and visual distortions caused by Ketamine are known as "___________________________________."
49.     What is a "K-Hole"?
50.     What is "Fry"?
51.     When was the legitimate medical use of PCP discontinued?
52.     Embalming fluid and PCP are the same thing. True or false?
53.     In some people, the effects of PCP mimic the primary symptoms of what disorder?
54.     PCP is associated with _______________________, even in normally passive people.
55.     Mixing uppers with ______________________ or downers with __________________________ is a very risky practice.
56.     Mixing GHB with alcohol can quickly achieve what result?
57.     How do people often use PCP unwittingly?
58.     What help must a comatose victim of GHB receive immediately?
59.     What precaution should always be taken by female party-goers?
60.     If a female thinks that someone has drugged her in order to take advantage of her, what should she do?
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