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   Auto Shop Safety DVD
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    Description: This informative video shows students which procedures they must follow to avoid being injured in an auto shop. What should NOT be done is also explained so that students will be able to understand exactly what the potential dangers are.
    Price: $39.95
    Copyright: ©2004
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:15 minutes
    UPC:69394 0196539
    Learning Objectives: 1) Students will learn how to protect themselves from injury in an auto repair shop.
    2) Students will learn how to maintain a safe work environment in an auto shop.
    3) Students will learn how to handle power tools and hazardous materials.

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    "Librarians in high schools with auto shop programs would do well to purchase this video that does a fine job of instructing students on the basics of workplace safety. Among the topics covered are safety instructions on proper lifting techniques, the importance of putting tools away, and the safe use of hand and power tools. There is an excellent segment on hazardous material handling. Points such as, "never use gasoline for a cleaning solution" are emphasized. A woman is presented in the non-traditional role of auto shop instructor, and the cast is racially diverse. While some of the directives are common sense, such as rolling up long sleeves, letting an engine cool before touching, and cleaning up spills, these safety tips are so obvious that they are often ignored and cause accidents."
    SOURCE: School Library Journal, March, 2001 Issue
    AUTHOR: Matthew Penn, Holy Family Catholic School, St. Petersburg, FL
    Reproduced, with permission from School Library Journal Copyright �
    By Cahners Business Information
    A Division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
    Special Features:
    Region Free

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