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   Avoiding Dangerous Relationships DVD
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    Description: 'It won't happen to me, I won't let it' is the attitude most people have regarding dangerous relationships. What they don?t understand is that no one chooses to be in one. It usually happens without anyone realizing it. This video details the warning signs that you are in a dangerous relationship, whether it be with a parent, sibling, peer or significant other. It gives you measures you can take to avoid getting into a dangerous relationship, to get out of one yourself or to help a friend get out. Learn how to take the necessary steps to keep a dangerous relationship from ruining your life and shattering your dreams.
    Price: $129.95
    Copyright: ©2004
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:24 minutes
    UPC:69394 0162831
    Learning Objectives: 1) Students will learn about the different types of dangerous relationships.
    2) The warning signs of dangerous relationships will be explored.
    3) Students will find out ways to avoid getting into a dangerous relationship and ending a dangerous relationship if they are already in one.
    4) Strategies to help a friend get out of a dangerous relationship will be discussed.

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    Gr 7-12 "This examination of dangerous relationships in all forms - between parent and child, siblings, peers, or boyfriends/girlfriends - details the warning signs of an abusive relationship. They range from peer pressure to manipulation to physical violence and emotional abuse. Even though viewers may believe that it won't happen to them, they must understand that dangerous relationships can happen to anyone. The realistic use of physical violence helps the video make a strong stand against abuse. Excellent narration moves the program along and helps drive the main point home. The perpetrators and victims are portrayed by Caucasian and African-American actors, demonstrating that dangerous relationships cross all racial lines. After detailing the warning signs, the narrator goes on to explain ways one can leave the relationship - including getting parents, the school, or the authorities involved. The video also shows how dangerous relationships can quickly destroy one's life and dreams, making it impossible to function in society. This well-done production explains ways to avoid abusive relationships and tells those who are already in dangerous relationships how to get help. A fine supplemental purchase for guidance and health classes."
    Elaine Black
    Gwinnett County Public Library
    Lawrenceville, GA
    Reviewed in School Library Journal - July 2003
    Reproduced, with permission from School Library Journal
    Copyright By Cahners Business Information
    A Division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
    Special Features:
    Region Free

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