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  • Recent Sales:
    Would you know what to do if you happened to be present at the scene of an emergency, and if you were called upon to administer first aid or CPR?  Would you panic and turn the other way or would you know enough to deal with such a situation until medical assistance arrived on the scene?  This updated version of one of our most popular titles will arm you with the knowledge and skills that you would need to possess in order to make a difference in a crisis that calls for first aid or CPR.
    NEW: First Aid and CPR DVD
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    The study of music involves learning some specialized vocabulary .  This video defines the essential terms and expressions and illustrates each item with examples.
    Basic Music Vocabulary DVD
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    Being on a debate team cultivates intellectual curiosity and critical thinking capabilities, while it forces the student to consider two sides of an issue.  Learn about Lincoln-Douglas debate and Cross-Examination debate.  Be part of an experience that will train you to make your voice heard.
    Debate Made Easy DVD
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    Athletes expend a lot of energy, so a good diet that provides them with necessary nutrients is of utmost importance.  People who are active need to know what to eat and what to drink so that their bodies can serve them well.
    Sports Nutrition DVD
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