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    The high point of Old English literature is the epic poem, 'Beowulf.' The historical and literary traditions of the era in which it was written are explained in detail.
    Background to Beowulf DVD
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    Every year, in America, a million minors become children of divorce. Learn how the breakup a marriage can change a young person's life.  Helpful tips about how to stay out of the middle when parents disagree or argue are provided.  Behaviors that may tempt you, but which you should avoid during this vulnerable period of your life will be examined.  Understand the process by which a loss is grieved and consider how you should react when a parent begins to date or when a parent remarries.  The importance of resiliency is underscored.
    Coping with Divorce DVD
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    Mexican culture arose from many different influences. This Spanish-language introduction to an ancient land focuses on both the geography and the people.
    Conocer Mexico DVD
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    From the towering Pyrenees to fabulous beaches, the geography of Spain is diverse and wonderful, as are the people who call Spain home. This informative video is in simple Spanish.
    Conocer Espana (Spanish) DVD
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